Dot Next S.N.C.

​Not just another pretty interface

Behind ideas there is always someone making them happen. Behind technologies, someone developing and transforming them into solutions. In short, on the other side of the screen there are people who make your work and life easier. Like us. With these faces. We are your creative, technical interface for everything in the digital world.

App mobile

It's App time

No doubt, this is the ‘app age’. And it’s because apps cater for some fundamental needs of mankind today: work, information and entertainment, everywhere and at any time. And who are we to prevent you from accessing your business active invoices, or finding a hardware shop while strolling light-heartedly in Timbuktu?


​The web is freedom

It’s easy to say ‘website’. It’s a tad less easy to set up a website properly. The internet helps you communicate, do business, be influential e and keep in touch with your audience. The web is freedom. Therefore, a website should support a business concept, and not just be visually pleasant and graphically eye-catching. Otherwise it is just an archaeological site.


Tailor made

There’s off-the-shelf software and tailor-made software. Just like clothes. And we are tailors of applied digital technologies. We measure business processes and create digital systems and tools that fit you perfectly. And save you time and money in the long run. Because they work.


​The art of evolving

The concept of multimedia today is much broader and more complex than it was at the dawning of the digital age. It’s not just about animating a presentation. It involves starting a conversation with your audience based on a new tone of voice; making the technology which mediates such relationship ever more exciting and tantalising. This is our challenge.