We deal with the digital world in the broadest sense.

There is a dot in our name, and a hint of future, because everything changes very fast in our business. Day by day.
We have been working with this awareness for ten years: you never stop learning, improving, questioning your own beliefs.
In fact, we can help you take advantage of the technologies that make the world go ‘round today. From web to apps, from software to installation art, which represents the most advanced multimedia frontier nowadays.

It’s us behind all this, the ones in the pictures: an interface between the future and the real world.


It’s App time

Apps are revolutionising our world. The chance to access our software at any time, anywhere and on any device makes them a terrific marketing, information and entertainment tool. A dedicated tool, specially created for these purposes.

We have been specialising for a long time in the design and implementation of applications for industrial plant and restaurant management and surveillance, the monitoring of computer systems or networks, and real-time data entering.
And also in applications that allow you to engage and keep in touch with your customers, or on-board new ones.
This is a constantly evolving field in which we invest time and energy, i.e. the creative talent and the IT skills of our associates.


The web is freedom

Once upon a time there were ‘display’ websites. These were virtual brochures, and their purpose was to present a business or a service, with no printing costs. Today, a website is more sophisticated and complex than that. We think of it as a tool, with the purpose to free energy, to express potential that would otherwise remain idle.

There cannot be a good website without a conversation between customer and web designer, outlining precise strategies and targets as a base for the architecture and contents of the website.

The web is a result of the re-thinking of work and communication under a digital perspective, the acknowledgement of the fast evolution of visual and spoken languages, the understanding of users’ psychology.

There’s much more about a website than graphics, fine words, effective indexing, easy update and platform efficiency for e-commerce.

Today, a website shows your identity.


Tailor-made software

Even in the high-tech digital world, there’s room for craftspersons. Of course, the key is giving ‘craftspersons’ the right meaning.

For instance, we design and create software underlying the websites and digital products we offer our customers. Tailor-made, customised software which is fine-tuned for specific uses.
And just because of this, it’s different than the standard ‘off-the-shelf’ solution. This is one of our hallmarks and the result of a business philosophy we have always maintained.

Therefore, our customers know they can rely on us as an expert, motivated, completely focused digital partner.

Just as a tailor measuring their customers, we review your business processes and then make the right ‘suit’ for you.
It’s not about investing more, but better.

Multimedia – The art of evolving

Multimedia is an expanding universe. We have been exploring the potential of system integration for a long time, in order to provide our customers with successful and innovative solutions in terms of image and return on investment.

A good interaction between a company and its audience is an increasingly sought-after value in the preparation of exhibition booths, installation art shows, shop and club interiors.

The meaning of multimedia is now closer and closer to multi sensory experience:

Some of our customers

Logo Sampdoria
Logo Amnesty International Sezione Italia
Logo Assiciazione Italiana Celiachia
Logo Touché Today
Logo Save The Children
Logo Amref

DotNext riesce sempre ad assicurare il risultato finale. Abbiamo sviluppato con DotNext molti progetti e sempre ne abbiamo apprezzato l'efficienza, l'ascolto rispetto ai nostri bisogni, la capacità di realizzare le nostre idee e sempre nel rispetto della qualità del lavoro.

Raffaele Coruzzi Head of Digital, UNICEF Italia

Dotnext = Quality, efficiency and the best service you can imagine!
Dotnext understands your needs, whether it is super simple or extremely complex and forward thinking.
Dotnext always develops the perfect solution for your demand in an economic way.
Dotnext gives the best possible service, always available and lovely people.
We love to work with Dotnext!

Antoinette van den Berg Trendforecatser / owner at Future-Touch

Per realizzare le nostre attività abbiamo bisogno di agenzie che lavorino con qualità e flessibilità. Da anni collaboriamo con Dot Next per lo sviluppo di progetti web legati alle nostre campagne e poter contare su un partner così affidabile e competente, ci ha permesso di realizzare comunicazioni online sempre efficaci.

Lorenzo Catapano Save the Children Italia Onlus
Head of Digital Media

Lavorare bene, lavorando insieme. Con DotNext si può.
Con competenza, affidabilità e un team da Serie A.

Federico Berlingheri Area comunicazione Sampdoria