ILC I Love Cocaine

I Love Cocaine - Cover
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Ermanno Preti Designers

ILC I Love Cocaine

Development and implementation of an 8×3-meter interactive animation for the ILC I LOVE COCAINE club in Montichiari (BS)


ILC I LOVE COCAINE is an art project created by designer Ermanno Preti. It is a beer pub and eatery, where besides entertainment events, a series of free awareness meetings are hosted and conducted by renowned representatives of the war on drugs and mafia.

Dot Next supported this creative implementation from a technological point of view, transforming a concept into an actionable project, developing the management software and installing all necessary equipment. The system tracks users’ movements, whose ‘brain avatar’ is inserted in the animation through a picture of a drawing taken with an iPad. Once a ‘brain’ is photographed, it floats together with all other brains in the big screen. If a user makes a sweeping gesture with some flour (representing the substance), the drawing of his/her brain starts expanding on the extra-large screen until it explodes.

I Love Cocaine - img 1
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