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Amnesty Scuole Attive - Cover
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Amnesty International - Sez. italiana

Campaign Amnesty Active Schools

Graphic design of logo, poster and teacher’s guide. Design and development of the responsive website managed by CMS

This project was carried out for Amnesty International, and included both a paper and digital part. First, the visual identity of the project had to be created, involving teachers and students from secondary schools, who were invited to carry out awareness activities against homophobia and transphobia. The tone had to be light-hearted, but also not ironic. Information had to be conveyed in a direct, clear, but not superficial way.

Using the colours of the LGBTI flag, revisited under a fluorescent/digital perspective, and icons in doodle style, Dot Next created the poster, the teacher’s guide, the infographic design and the website for the project, which Amnesty conducted in many Italian schools.