A totally new concept of travel guide! The iPhone edition of the popular card set by Magda Lipka Falck.

Anywhere is a guide suitable for any location: a city you visit for the first time, the little town by the sea where you go every year or the city where you live.

There are 132 different cards with funny hints like "Find a bridge and cross it" or "Take a bus and get off at the fifth stop": just like monopoly chance cards!


Playing is easy: draw a card, read the directions and a ordinary holiday becomes an unforgettable experience!

Anywhere will lead you to places you have never seen before, though you may visit them every day: places you have forgotten, places you have never searched for or places that do not exist.


  • play with 132 amazing cards
  • take pictures, videos and notes on cards
  • keep a diary of all your cards
  • share your experience on Facebook
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