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Fill up the square's boxes without getting stuck!

Ten squared is a logic game, a great brain teaser for your iPhone and iPod touch! The goal of the game is to fill the squared grid complying with a rule.

You can choose between two different rules, knight or bridge: starting from any box of the grid, you must find the path that enables you to fill all boxes!

You won't be able to stop playing!


Key features:

- Two different game modes: 'bridge move' mode and 'knight move' mode

- Six progressive game levels (from 5x5 to 10x10), up to 12 schemes to solve

- Autosave, not to lose a single move

- Game soundtrack

- Choice of the tracks from iPod library to listen music while playing

- Rubber to delete moves and change path

- Hint function for next move

- Easy Mode with partially solved squares

- Top ten with best results

- OpenFeint enabled

- Shake to restart the game

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