There are things that your kids will never love: a long car trip, a neverending flight, a boring dinner at the restaurant... With magnetic alphabet this won't be a problem anymore!

Take always with you this tablet edition of the old fashioned magnetic board suitable for kids of all ages! It's an infinite source of fun and a great way to stimulate their imagination and creativity.

It comes with a rich set of colored pieces that can be placed freely on the board: letters, numbers, symbols and funny figures (and we're already working on new pieces!)

Play with your kids and teach them to write with the Magnetic Alphabet!

Key features:

  • more than 1000 magnets (including extensions)
  • 11 different backgrounds!
  • Themes composed by a set of magnets and a background
  • Resize and rotate magnets!
  • Set the default size for magnets
  • Every single magnet can be used more than once!
  • Save the composition as image locally!
  • No need to pick up dozens of pieces all around the room when the game ends!


* "Magnetic Alphabet is a great tool for everyone. It aids in teaching preschoolers their alphabets/numbers, a learning tool in teaching one how to spell or sending messages to friends and family! The characters on the app are rendered beautifully and provided with nominal sound effects! [...] Magnetic Alphabet is recommended for kids of all ages, especially to those parents with kids who are just beginning to learn their alphabet and numbers!"

* "Just like the letters we all know and love, these new high tech “magnets” are colorful and fun to play with! Kids of all ages can use them to create messages, practice spelling or make funny pictures!"

* "A great game that teaches children the alphabet and numbers! [...] allows children to be creative and not have to worry about rules and features found on more demanding games"